VENDIX provides you the advantage

All benefits at a glance. VENDIX offers both the shopping centres as the issuer of the voucher and the consumers a range of very attractive advantages. On this page we have summarised the most important of these for you.  Our consultants and experts are pleased to answer any further questions.

All in one – a complete system

The hardware, software and ongoing support are available from one source. We enable the printing, the handling and the cashless redemption of the vouchers within one professional system. All transactions are 100% transparent and remain traceable-exactly, how it should be!

  • You save resources: Thanks to the MULTI Box, there is no staff required for the redemption of the vouchers and no further administrative work is necessary.
  • You increase your revenue: A voucher system is always an excellent marketing tool!

On demand printing

Only vouchers, which are actually needed and sold, are printed. Why should any more be printed?

  • No more security risk: Clear and simple processing and no money lying around. Secure cash logistics because there is no need for cash storage.
  • Lower costs: No staff costs for billing, no storage costs for the vouchers or cash.
  • Lower cash reserves and insurance: Due to “on demand printing”, no money in the form of vouchers is lying around. This requires less security effort and provides lower insurance costs.


Vouchers from shopping centres or shopping districts are always more multi-faceted and flexible than those from single shops.  Consequently, such vouchers are increasingly popular with consumers and due to VENDIX, easy to handle and practical.

  • Easy sales: consumers want quick processing and professional execution.
  • Up-to-date information: Vouchers can be used for the announcement of special offers and events. You define the advertising message.

Paper instead of plastic

Many consumers complain about the flood of plastic cards in their wallets. With VENDIX paper vouchers, you address this customer concern and also protect the environment.

The paper voucher looks professional similar to a banknote. The value is immediately recognisable and the nominal value can be defined.

  • Simple management and disposal: After the voucher has been cashed, it will be disposed in an environment friendly manner, in contrast to plastic cards, which never decompose.

Resource and cost-saving with the MULTI Box

In the case of an outsourced voucher redemption, the insurance liability transfers to CIT (GSA) after a proper deposit into the MULTI Box.