Vouchers: Good for business.

Especially, if VENDIX is behind you.

How do voucher sales affect your business?  Studies confirm that the sale of vouchers increases business by up to 20% per year. Particularly shopping centres or shopping districts use a voucher system to reach a broad target group.

The success with vouchers is based on the fact that the purchasers use the vouchers as a very flexible gift. The shop still gets the revenue and it is cashless.

Measurable advantages of vouchers:

Sales increase

Give a gift today and use it tomorrow. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Vouchers deliver up to 20% more sales, even during difficult economic times!

Increased customer loyalty

Existing customers rarely let vouchers expire. The vouchers tie the customers to the shopping centre or shopping district. New customers, rewarded with vouchers, also remain measurably loyal to the shop.

Fulfilling the customer's requirements

A voucher means flexibility. The receiver has the choice of the full range available in the shopping centre or shopping street. This adds a new dimension to the shopping fun!


The VENDIX system guarantees maximum liquidity as the revenues are immediately available.

By the way, up to 5% of the vouchers will never be cashed.

Additional purchasing incentives

A voucher is always an additional purchasing incentive because it makes available the supplier’s entire portfolio of goods and even more so if the voucher can be cashed in many different shops.  Consequently this results in additional purchases and revenue due to the voucher!

The voucher as an advertisement

Every printed voucher is an advertisement, for example for upcoming special offers, events or new shops.