Voucher handling with a system.

There is a suitable solution for every requirement.

VENDIX adapts to the relevant on-site situation. One thing always remains the same: the easy handling and traceability and therefore vouchers are ideal for shopping centres and shopping streets of all sizes.

  • VENDIX with outsourced voucher redemption

    The shops drop vouchers and the daily cash receipts into the centrally installed MULTI Box using a safebag. CIT (GSA) picks up the vouchers and cash daily and processes these in one of its cash centres. The vouchers are counted via scanner, recorded, credited directly to the client account and archived.  Finally the redeemed vouchers are destroyed after the retention period. The cash is also counted using high quality counting machines, verified and credited directly to the client account. All these steps are traceable at all times.
  • VENDIX with integrated voucher redemption

    The shops deliver the vouchers to the central administration or drop them into the centrally installed MULTI Box. The vouchers are counted by the central administration's employees using a scanner, recorded and paid to the shop or transferred to the accounting software for cashless payment.  Storage of the redeemed vouchers is the central administration's responsibility.  This solution does not have the advantage of a cashless transfer.
  • VENDIX with a voucher machine

    The VENDIX SB voucher machine will arrive in 2011!  With this solution, it will be possible to place voucher printers at different locations in a shopping centre.  The customers can print their vouchers themselves and pay using their bank card.