Simple handling.

More satisfied customers, employees and shop owners.

Thanks to VENDIX, the days when you had to grapple with stacks of vouchers are over. VENDIX with “on demand printing” offers a flexible, time- and space-saving solution for shopping centres and shopping districts!

On demand printing is 100% demand based. The vouchers are only printed once needed.  Consequently, the storage problem and its associated costs are a problem of the past. Of course, the vouchers can be pre-printed and prepared during busy seasons, such as before Christmas.  VENDIX can respond precisely to the customer’s requirements.

The layout of the blank vouchers can be chosen at will and is pre-printed on a roll. The VENDIX printer prints the vouchers in the desired number and value at a rate of up to 60 vouchers per minute. The special cutting technique ensures a professional result and image for the customer!  

Thanks to VENDIX, the need for large cash reserves is eliminated. In the past, cash was required in order to be able to reimburse the shop with the value of the cashed vouchers. With VENDIX, in conjunction with the MULTI Box as the Single Point of Cash (SPC), this is no longer necessary. CIT (GSA) performs the bank transfers and ensures that the cashing and redemption of vouchers are straight-forward and simple.