Additional security with the MULTI Box.

Cashless redemption of vouchers.

The VENDIX solution can be expanded flexibly. Upon request, we also offer the MULTI Box, an electronic night safe. The pick-up of the vouchers and cash is performed by CIT (GSA).

This is how the MULTI Box works:

  • The vouchers together with the daily cash receipts are dropped into a MULTI box in safebags. A receipt confirms the deposit and the responsibility for the deposit. The cash and vouchers are processed separately!
  • CIT (GSA) counts the received cash and credits the individual shop owner’s account.
  • VENDIX-Scan is installed at the CIT (GSA) premises. The received vouchers are compared to the sales database. CIT (GSA) automatically reports the cashed and destroyed vouchers.
  • Furthermore the system recognises, which vouchers were sold, which products were redeemed for the vouchers and which value remains as a free of charge credit.
  • Subsequently, CIT (GSA) destroys the vouchers solving the storage problem.