Voucher solutions can do more!

We bring together shopping centres, shops and customers.

Vouchers are an easy and efficient way to gain customer loyalty and to increase sales. Almost every business, every shop and every boutique has their own vouchers, but how can shopping centres or shopping districts use these advantages?

Forget all the previous problems such as duplicate voucher numbers, false entries in the accounting system, the enormous effort required for voucher redemption or the excessive security effort associated with safekeeping cash and vouchers! Finally, you have found a suitable solution with VENDIX!

100% control with VENDIX:

  • How many and which vouchers are in circulation?
  • When and where was the voucher printed, sold and cancelled and who did this?
  • When and where was the voucher cashed in?

VENDIX is the perfect solution for a simple and efficient voucher process. Convince yourself!

Without VENDIX:

  • High costs for the secure storage of cash and vouchers.
  • Errors due to scanning, annoyed users and customers.
  • High staff costs for voucher redemption.
  • High costs for cash reserves and insurance.
  • Space requirement for the storage of cashed vouchers.


  • Low costs for the storage of the blank vouchers. No security risk!
  • The highest security due to "on demand printing". The voucher is printed in the customer’s requested denominations during the sales process.
  • Little effort for the redemption process, no administration required.
  • No cash reserves because the billing and accounting are performed cashless by a valuables logistics company (GSA).
  • No storage of cashed vouchers. Everything is stored in the system!